We use food, treats, toys, touch, spatial pressure, muzzles, martingale collars, slip leads, prong collars and ecollars.  We do not work with flat buckle collars, harnesses, or flexi leashes because they are antithetical to what we are trying to achieve: calmness.  The constant tension and pressure they generate amps dogs and, in our opinion, escalate drive better suited for protection, sports, rescue, scent detection or hunting dogs than house pets.

Of all the tools we use, prong collars and ecollars generate the most controversy.  Much of that is based on bias, lack of information and the bullish tactics of the “Force Free” dog training movement.  The simple fact is that we use them because they work.  Prongs collars and ecollars are communication tools with an immense array of volume, leverage and reach that allows for dynamic adjustment depending on circumstances.  That dynamic adjustability allows us to calm a heightened dog without a prolonged forceful battle.  Unlike the pulling and resistance other tools evoke and encourage, prongs and ecollars can cut thru that noise with minimal pressure and tension.  Prongs collars and ecollars allows us to speak softly, less forcefully, less intrusively to our dogs without adding mental stress and physical strain.  In our opinion that is the hallmark of a good training tool.