Skype Visit

To accommodate owners who live too far from us or who cannot afford the cost of our hands-on offerings, we have developed our online remote consultation and training practice thru Skype Visit.  Other than dog on dog or dog on human aggression, most basic foundation obedience issues (Prong Collar Fitting & Conditioning, Polite Leash Walking, Waiting at Thresholds, Waiting for Food,“Heel” command, “Place” command, “Sit” command, “Come” command, “Crate” command, “Leave it” command, “Down” command, Focusing on Handler, State of Mind, Corrections) and minor behavioral issues (Leash Reactivity, Counter Surfing, Jumping, Nipping, Mouthing, Brattiness, Pushiness, Barking) can be addressed thru this forum.  Each Skype Visit can last up to 60 minutes. Minutes do not carryover or rollover between Skype Visits.  Use them or lose them.  Bundles are available.  All Skype Visits must be used within a year of purchase.

Total cost for a Skype Visit is $50.
A bundle of 5 Skype Visits costs $200.
A bundle of 10 Skype Visits costs $350.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

phone: 1-646-583-3438