Walk and Talk

Do you hate walking with your dog? Be honest 🙂

Is your dog pulling you down the street, not keeping pace with you, going out of control? It does not have to be this way. Let us help.

We will teach you how to properly use collar and leash to enable a communication channel between you and your dog. After completing this package, walking with your dog will never feel like a dreaded chore.

Learning to walk with your dog is so transformative that if it is the only thing you can afford in terms of training, we highly recommend the investment. It will teach you a lot about leadership, responsibility, dedication, relevance and advocacy.  It will teach your dog to trust and depend in you because your have taken all those burdens away from him.

Our Walk and Talk package includes 2 sessions (first session is 3 hours, second session is 2 hours) scheduled a week apart. We will cover the following:

-Prong Collar Fitting & Conditioning
-Polite Structured Loose Leash Walks
-Respect for Thresholds
-Focusing on Handler
-When & How to Correct
-“Heel” Command

Total cost is $500.

Walk and Talk is all inclusive: prong collar and leash at no additional cost; all necessary instruction to achieve stated goal at no additional cost; after completion of package (if necessary), clients are entitled to a weekly Skype Visit for a year to address issues within scope of training.

If you’re looking to work on more than just the walk, we offer other training options.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


phone: 1-646-583-3438
email: yodadogtrainingstudio@gmail.com
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